Artist Statement

Painting is my passion. My paintings come from within and follow a free flowing approach. I usually start with a color scheme and let the painting evolve into a rhythmic mood.  The greatest source of inspiration is simply my love of the materials. I love to paint! I absolutely love the experience of seeing what paint can do. My intent is to be open to the painting experience, to allow the brush, the paints and my ideas to dance together. Therein lies the truly wondrous experience of painting.

I am an artist working as a painter, mosaic artist and art teacher. My background is in psychology with a strong emphasis in fine arts and education. I have a deep calling for helping others, young and old, find their artist within. Currently I teach in the public and private school settings and hold classes in my private studio in Placerville California.

My artistic explorations include a variety of media including encaustics, acrylics, watercolors and mosaics. I love to explore different mediums and the playful expression they each provide. My art lends itself to a visionary abstract style, which enables me to create with a child like sense of freedom.

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